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Bottle Service Vegas offers one of a kind service for everyone with Las Vegas guest list admission to the hottest pool parties gentleman’s club and Las Vegas Nightclubs. As you know Las Vegas Nightlife houses the most exclusive and beautiful venues in the world. Unless you plan on buying bottle service guest list Las Vegas is exactly how you gain access to venues like XS Las Vegas, Hyde and Marquee. Our direct relationship with these venues allows you to have 2 different types of entry choices. Las Vegas guest list with your parties names added to the exclusive list or VIP hosted entry package which requires one of our hosts to be on property and walk you directly into the venue.

Even though Pool Parties in Vegas are seasonal its important to get on the Las Vegas guest list asap especially for special events and holidays. In comparison to nightclubs the pool parties are 10x more exclusive and hard to get into purely because there are only 8 major venues in comparison to 15 plus nightclubs. According to client requests the most popular Las Vegas pool parties are Rehab Pool Party, Wet Republic, Encore Beach Club and Ditch Fridays. In our opinion ladies have it the best as they always get free clubs in Vegas and with our Goddess Program, ladies can also receive free drinks, comp bottles and open bar.

Fellas, please note that all nightclubs and pool parties require an even ratio of girls:guy for you to be on the Las Vegas guest list. The cover charge for guys is rarely free and can range from $25-$100. The only place in Las Vegas where you can always receive free Vegas club passes is the Gentleman Club Las Vegas. Our clients can get a complimentary limo to each location from anywhere on the strip, receive drinks specials and with our new package “Gentleman’s Club Challenge” you can get paid to attend. Oh ladies relax we haven’t forgotten about you as your options are endless you also have the ability to attend a Male revue Las Vegas a popular option for ladies night out or a bachelorette party.

Guest list Las Vegas Packages

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Las Vegas Club Guest List Tips & Recommendations:

Bachelor Parties:

As seen in all Vegas bachelor party based movies the gentleman’s club is the premiere place to go all out with the guys. These popular venues offer free Vegas club passes that cater to your group with free limo pick up and drink specials clearly showing they value your time. Lets face it an all guys group will ALWAYS have problems getting into popular nightclubs, pool parties or day clubs without booking bottle service.


Bachelorette Parties:

Guest list Las Vegas is and will always be a favorite for the ladies planning a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party. We guarantee access to the best nightclubs, dayclubs, pool parties and male revues in Las Vegas. Sometimes the choices are so vast its impossible to make the right decision and thats where our VIP specialists come in to help.


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Las Vegas Guest List FAQ

What is Guest list in Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas guest list is a list of names that only a few people can have access to and can add names for entry to the nightclubs in Las Vegas. Most people will claim to have this ability, but rely heavily on companies such as Bottle Service Vegas to acquire that access. Relationships are everything and with 10 years of experience we have just that.


How to get Free clubs in Vegas?

Yes, you heard it correctly I said free admission at every venue; for ladies that is. In the city of Las Vegas it is very important for the premiere nightclubs in the city to be packed wall to wall with women. We also have the ability to set ladies up with drink tickets, drink wristbands and open bar. Bottle Service Vegas can also provide free admission for gentlemen as well. This is possible, but only at several venues we have the strongest relationship with. We outline these select venues on our Nightclub, Day club & Strip Club tabs.


Why get guest list Las Vegas vs. General Admission?

With General Admission you have access to any venue of your choosing, but you are subject to waiting in line for 20-30 min. average and paying whatever cover is given at that time. By using the Las Vegas guest-list that we provide at Bottle Service Vegas not only is it free to sign up, but also you will receive:

  • Limited to no wait time for access to Las Vegas nightclubs as all VIP guests will skip the long lines & receive a general admission line pass.
  • Ladies will receive free admission 100% of the time often with free drinks.
  • Gentlemen will always receive complimentary or reduced admissions.

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